Pace Clayton, head travel guru at BOOK IT PACE, came to us with a request for branding her company in anticipation of building a new website. Her dreams for her company were big: continue to create the boutique service she provides as a travel agent, but also build a site that would allow clients to book trips themselves and gain access to her exclusive discounts and VIP options.

We began with her messaging and positioning, really honing in on what she provides and the vision for her company. Then we launched into her visual brand, keeping in mind her creative vibe paired with her attraction to clean lines and retro designs.

Art Director, Theresa Marchi, provided Pace with a variety of options, from funky and painterly to upscale and modern. The neutral color palette was developed knowing that the imagery of Pace’s travel destinations would take the forefront, therefore playing a complementary role whether she is showcasing a mountain getaway or a caribbean escape. The colors and form are modern and nod to the high-end and beautiful destinations that Pace offers to all of her clients.

We’re now launching into Phase 2 of Pace’s strategy, working through the content of her website, as well as her client journey.

“ADORE ADORE ADORE The TealHaus women. I am so thankful to have found them. From the very beginning they have been attentive, excited, organized and oh so creative! They have given my business such a strong foundation for my vision for BOOK IT PACE. Everything from the messaging and positioning to the AMAZING logo and social graphics - I am beyond thrilled and excited to continue my marketing journey with them!”

Pace Clayton, Owner

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