Greenville Homeless Alliance

Lindsay met with Susan McLarty, Coordinator for the Greenville Homeless Alliance, when she first began her company back in February of 2021. Susan explained to Lindsay that the coalition was facing some big issues in Greenville: not simply homelessness, but also the lack of affordable housing, strain on support services due to the pandemic, and the overall power dynamics surrounding the issue. Quickly Lindsay realized that Susan needed help and decided to take on the Greenville Homeless Alliance as her first pro bono client.

One of the main issues surrounding the Greenville Homeless Alliance was their struggle to explain exactly what they do. Because they weren’t on the front lines supplying homes or food, they risked being perceived as yet another “boardroom nonprofit” with big ideas and little application. Therefore, our Chief Strategist, Kate Dabbs, worked to rewrite their website with more active language and real-life stories, helping their cause become more concrete and relatable in people’s minds.

Then Art Director, Theresa Marchi, redesigned their site on the existing Squarespace template, taking into account usability, SEO, and the call to volunteer and donate. Our goal was to organize the vast amount of research and data in a user-friendly, digestible way. In addition, Theresa created more warmth and personality with photography and branding to highlight the humanity of each person this community issue impacts.

But the work wasn’t done. Greenville Homeless Alliance mentioned to us that they wanted to host their first ever iGNITE Luncheon to educate community leaders about their work.

Considering the current situation with COVID, they wanted to provide the option for in-person or virtual attendance, adding in the option to order meals ahead of time or live stream the event. Yet, they admitted that they had no experience planning this type of event. Enter Chief Client Manager, Amanda Lenar, whose background in PR and event planning meant they were completely taken care of, from initial budget planning to media opportunities, event planning, and onsite logistics through the event.

The inaugural iGNITE Luncheon was a rounding success with a sell-out crowd and 100 participants participating virtually. Due to the marketing efforts and hard work of the Greenville Homeless Alliance team, the event helped secure 72 new donors, doubled the number of recurring donors GHA already has, and raised over $30,000 to assist with ongoing community efforts to end homelessness in Greenville.

"TealHaus Strategies is exceptional. I immediately recognized their strong innovation, marketing, consulting and communication skills. As a relatively new organization focused on homelessness, TealHaus demonstrated how to create value for our work with their creativity, systemic thinking and with the ability to quickly assimilate new information. They care deeply about their clients which sets them apart to recognize, attract, mobilize and maximize a team that produces results."

Susan McLarty, Coordinator

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