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pool deck

Laptops on the Pool Deck

I had no idea it was this hard to learn how to swim. My memories of this stage of life are fuzzy. I have one ...
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The humanity of rest will always overcome the lure of efficiency

A few weeks ago, my family took a trek down to the beaches of the Gulf Coast of Florida. My inlaws bought a modest cottage ...
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1 person-using-ai-tool-job

The Importance of Human Voice in an AI World

As technology advances at an exponential pace, the capabilities of AI in various fields have grown remarkably, including its ability to generate written content. However, ...
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The Importance of Intentional Client Relationships

We always say what we do isn’t really about the marketing—it’s about empowering others to be their best selves. Why marketing, then? Well, marketing is ...
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Following (literally) the Heller Legacy

Virginia reflects on her time in Vienna. More often than not, at TealHaus, our clients become our friends. For the past two years, I’ve had ...
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Don’t be Frugal with the Google.

Why Curiosity is a TealHaus core value. As a newer company, this year was the first time we had a real process for performance reviews. ...
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We didn’t win the award.

After being recognized as 'Small Business of the Month,' TealHaus was invited to apply for 'Small Business of the Year' by the Greenville Chamber of ...
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Online marketing

Brand Equity, Brand Loyalty,  Brand Awareness

Discover the nuances between brand equity, brand loyalty, and brand awareness, and how they impact your business's success. Learn how TealHaus can elevate your brand ...
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Duke Energy_ULUS

Urban League Receives $20k from Duke Energy

The Event was Held in Collaboration with the McClaren Apartments’ Grand Opening GREENVILLE, S.C. – Thursday, February 15, 2024 – In collaboration with The McClaren ...
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