Lindsay Joins Board of Loaves & Fishes and RIZE

Lindsay Niedringhaus

In the heart of every thriving community, you’ll find compassion for others and dedication to growth. Lindsay Niedringhaus, TealHaus’s Founder and CEO embodies these values. Her passion for positive change has led her to join the Board of Directors for two local nonprofits, Loaves & Fishes, and RIZE Prevention. 

Lindsay’s commitment to these boards is a reflection of a core belief at TealHaus: “We thrive when our community thrives.” this belief isn’t just a statement, but a call to action for everyone on our team. 

For over thirty years, Loaves & Fishes has played a critical role in food rescue, ensuring that surplus food reaches those in need, free of charge. TealHaus is also sponsoring the Taste of the Upstate as a Food Rescue Sponsor!

RIZE Prevention’s mission to equip teens with the tools to resist drugs and make healthy, positive choices resonates deeply with TealHaus’s commitment to a healthy community. Through Lindsay’s involvement, TealHaus is able to extend our support by providing communications assistance at a discounted rate. 

“At TealHaus, we are really focused on the seeds of change and cultivating a healthier, more resilient community,” Lindsay remarked on her new roles. Her passion extends beyond the professional world, reflecting a holistic approach to business and life. By prioritizing nonprofit work, Lindsay and TealHaus are not just contributing to Greenville’s immediate needs, but investing in long-term resilience and health. 

TealHaus aims to exemplify how businesses can play a pivotal role in societal change, proving that when empathy, curiosity, and humility guide us, the potential for positive impact is boundless. Through these partnerships, we’re not just sowing seeds of change – we’re nurturing the growth of our community where everyone has the opportunity to thrive. 

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