Our Process

Marketing should be more than shrug-worthy.

A common response we hear from companies: “I guess it’s pretty cool. But will it move the needle on sales?” Many agencies will tell you that you can’t really measure ROI on creative work. We’re here to tell you that’s wrong. When we begin our work with you, we’ll define our goals, and every tactic will be mapped to a goal with measurable benchmarks.

Our Process

Our team has a background in a myriad of industries, including: higher education, lifestyle brands, nonprofit organizations, healthcare, printing, branding, and editorial publications. What we’ve noticed is a common thread throughout all of our careers? A struggle to communicate and stay organized internally, which leads to confusion in your audience externally. Each of us has spent years in our own careers helping these businesses get organized. Now, as a united group, we have even more streamlined processes to get your marketing strategy to—well—an actual strategy.

your efforts

You can’t fix it if you don’t know what currently exists. We’ll begin by conducting an audit of your current communications. Odds are, you’ll be surprised at what we dig up!

your processes

After analyzing your current communications flow, we’ll assess each effort for its efficacy as well as for its feasibility. We’ll then make some decisions about what needs nixing, what needs adjusting, and how we can make some processes more efficient for your team.

Build on
your foundation

Now that you have a strong foundation, we’ll layer on top of that campaigns and seasonal efforts that will draw more attention to your brand, bringing you new customers and increased sales.

We are an equal opportunity firm.

No egos. No stereotypes. No preconceptions. At TealHaus, there are no barriers. We won’t try to intimidate you with marketing jargon, slap you with a $25k bill, or bother you with fine print or endless change orders. Nobody has time for that. No business is too small or new, too old or unorganized. We’ve got you.