We lead with Humility, Curiosity, and Empathy.

At the heart of our firm is a passion for empowering businesses with the tools they need to succeed, in turn growing our community at large.

Assisting nonprofit organizations is the ultimate realization of this mission.

Much of our nonprofit work involves strategic planning, fundraising strategy, and event planning. However, we realize most nonprofits have limited budgets, so we scale our services up or down depending upon their capacity and needs. In addition, we are pleased to offer all nonprofits a 15 percent discount off of the total cost of services.

Haus Parties

In addition to paying clients, we also assist a variety of nonprofits through TealHaus-hosted Haus Parties in the spring and fall. We normally host these at area breweries. TealHaus covers the cost of food and drinks, and we invite the community to participate through $25 tickets. All ticket proceeds go directly to the participating nonprofit.

In the past, we have supported organizations like the Humane Society, Meals on Wheels, and Communities in Schools through these events.

Interested in being a benefiting organization? Apply online!

Pro Bono Work

We enjoy assisting nonprofit organizations through our pro bono work. We reserve this work for those nonprofits who do not have any funding for marketing assistance.

Past pro bono projects include event planning and promotion of Greenville Homeless Alliance’s annual luncheon. We also planned, implemented, and created an art exhibit for the Greenville Homeless Alliance that honored artist Ninja Picasso and his mural on the back of Triune Mercy Center, as well as 30 “Stories of Hope” from those who have escaped homelessness. In addition, we are currently working with the Heller family and Heritage Green entities on a project that celebrates art, community, and culture in the community.

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