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People are mad at you, Strawberry Pop Tart.

Kellogg’s is currently being sued because the strawberry flavor of Pop-Tart, according to the Southern District of New York, contains more apples and pears than ...
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Lindsay on the river

Hell’s Half Mile, Lucifer, and Fear

“You’re going to want to stay straight going down this rapid. Whatever you do, don’t go left,” advised our river guide. “Also, don’t go too ...
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Creativity is Born in Moments of Quiet

I returned to TealHaus a few weeks ago after my maternity leave, when I (obviously) spent a great deal of time away from the computer.  ...
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The Broken Leash

What my dog taught me about control (or lack thereof) The other morning I woke early—before the sun was up—and my mind, as it usually ...
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Experiencing the Fall

What I learned from the land of Pura Vida It was precisely 2:30 on a Thursday afternoon when I found myself using all of my ...
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Pressure Like a Drip, Drip, Drip

What I’ve learned in one year of running a business If you have a young child in your home, chances are you’re singing Encanto songs ...
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Which Direction Are You Running?

How one question changed the trajectory of my life I’ve defined my life by running. Some of my best memories are running marathons. I’ll never ...
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Let’s Go to Work in Pajamas

Three causes of imposter syndrome and my suggestion for moving beyond it This morning I opened my eyes to the sound of my 14-year-old chocolate ...
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5 Marketing Mistakes You May Be Making

When you own a business, it’s easy to get caught up in everything that comes with business-owning: your employees, your product, your services and, essentially, ...
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