The Power of Saying I’m Sorry

Recently, I read an article in the Wall Street Journal about a CEO, Andrew Benin, whose “I’m sorry” email message to 35,544 customers actually worked.

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The La Croix Phenomenon Revisited

Some of our favorite memes involve La Croix. One caption on an Instagram post back in 2019 or 2020 read, “It tastes like you were drinking carbonated water and someone yelled out the flavor from another room.” Yet, your refrigerator is probably full of some varietal of sparkling water at any given moment.

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The Power of Imagination

For the first time, I got to experience the magic (and terror) of Halloween through my three-year-old’s eyes. Last year he really did not understand what was going on but was more than delighted to accept all of the free candy.

On the Saturday before Halloween, we were walking through Boo in the Zoo, admiring the larger-than-life giraffes when he urgently shouted, “Mama, hold you, a dragon!”

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People are mad at you, Strawberry Pop Tart.

Kellogg’s is currently being sued because the strawberry flavor of Pop-Tart, according to the Southern District of New York, contains more apples and pears than actual strawberry ingredients. They claim it is deceptive and misleading to label the pastry with the “strawberry” moniker and are asking for $5 million in relief.

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Hell’s Half Mile, Lucifer, and Fear

“You’re going to want to stay straight going down this rapid. Whatever you do, don’t go left,” advised our river guide. “Also, don’t go too far to the right. And be careful of that big drop.”

I was on the banks of the Green River somewhere (either Colorado or Utah depending upon the day). There were 17 of us—all strangers a short three days ago—yet now I would put my life in their hands. And, in actuality, I was that day, as we were going down “Hell’s Half Mile,” a Class IV rapid at some points with the sneaky Lucifer boulder creating a tricky drop halfway down.

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Creativity is Born in Moments of Quiet

I returned to TealHaus a few weeks ago after my maternity leave, when I (obviously) spent a great deal of time away from the computer.  While much of it was a fog of newborn sleep deprivation, there were also plenty of moments for reflection in those small hours of the morning when it is quiet and still. I love a full night of sleep as much as anyone, but there is something about being awake when no one else is and letting my brain wander.  

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