Don’t be Frugal with the Google.

Why Curiosity is a TealHaus core value. As a newer company, this year was the first time we had a real process for performance reviews. ...
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We didn’t win the award.

After being recognized as 'Small Business of the Month,' TealHaus was invited to apply for 'Small Business of the Year' by the Greenville Chamber of ...
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Brand Equity, Brand Loyalty,  Brand Awareness

Discover the nuances between brand equity, brand loyalty, and brand awareness, and how they impact your business's success. Learn how TealHaus can elevate your brand ...
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Urban League Receives $20k from Duke Energy

The Event was Held in Collaboration with the McClaren Apartments’ Grand Opening GREENVILLE, S.C. – Thursday, February 15, 2024 – In collaboration with The McClaren ...
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Lindsay Niedringhaus

Lindsay Joins Board of Loaves & Fishes and RIZE

In the heart of every thriving community, you’ll find compassion for others and dedication to growth. Lindsay Niedringhaus, TealHaus’s Founder and CEO embodies these values. ...
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15 Things I Learned During my Social Media Fast

In a transformative 31-day social media detox, Kate shares insights into overcoming addiction, boosting mental health, and fostering personal growth, revealing the impact of social ...
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