Creativity is Born in Moments of Quiet

I returned to TealHaus a few weeks ago after my maternity leave, when I (obviously) spent a great deal of time away from the computer.  While much of it was a fog of newborn sleep deprivation, there were also plenty of moments for reflection in those small hours of the morning when it is quiet and still. I love a full night of sleep as much as anyone, but there is something about being awake when no one else is and letting my brain wander.  

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The Broken Leash

What my dog taught me about control (or lack thereof) The other morning I woke early—before the sun was up—and my mind, as it usually …

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Experiencing the Fall

What I learned from the land of Pura Vida It was precisely 2:30 on a Thursday afternoon when I found myself using all of my …

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Pressure Like a Drip, Drip, Drip

What I’ve learned in one year of running a business If you have a young child in your home, chances are you’re singing Encanto songs …

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Which Direction Are You Running?

How one question changed the trajectory of my life I’ve defined my life by running. Some of my best memories are running marathons. I’ll never …

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Let’s Go to Work in Pajamas

Three causes of imposter syndrome and my suggestion for moving beyond it This morning I opened my eyes to the sound of my 14-year-old chocolate …

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