Jessie Clark


Design has always been my passion, like piecing together a giant jigsaw puzzle. It all began unexpectedly when I assisted a friend with website design, discovering my deep love for the craft. It’s like arranging a thousand puzzle pieces to create a captivating and easily understandable image. Since earning my graphic design degree in 2008, I’ve gained experience in various fields, from commercial printing to branding and marketing agencies, honing my skills to create award-winning designs that are cohesive, attractive, and easy to understand, both on screen and in print.

While design fills my days, my true joy lies in moments spent with my equally creative partner, Mark, and our adventurous kids, Coraline and Kellan. Whether we’re adding personal touches to our home through DIY projects, exploring nature on hikes, or dreaming of a grand road trip to the National Parks, our lives are rich with creativity and exploration.

As Chief Creative Officer at TealHaus, I thrive on turning daunting design tasks into enjoyable experiences for individuals and businesses alike. Each new project is a welcomed challenge, and I strive to make the design process as smooth as possible, from inception to completion. Collaboration is key, and I firmly believe that the best designs are born from win-win situations.