Fuller Group

Fuller Group is a well known structural engineering company who sought our assistance with a variety of supplementary materials for their company. Throughout the pandemic, they remained extremely busy with projects—so much so, that they were looking to hire new employees to keep up with the demand. For this reason, they prioritized becoming more efficient with their processes.

They shared with us that answering RFPs is one of the most time-consuming tasks that they must endure because each one required them to seek out updated photography and write the case studies. Therefore, our Type A team got to work organizing their projects and photography into sectors and identifying the content “holes” that needed to be filled. We then scheduled and coordinated photo shoots and wrote copy for every single project.

Next, we designed a firm profile, resumes, and sector profile templates that could be pieced together for a variety of RFP responses. Each template is fully customizable, allowing the team at Fuller Group to pick and choose pieces for each response with the ability to change out photos and copy as needed.

“Fuller Group has been very pleased with the services provided by TealHaus Strategies. When you want the A-team on your side, TealHaus is the company I would recommend. They are solid top to bottom!”

Bill Fuller, Principal

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