Pride Masonry

Pride Masonry

Our friends at Gruffy Goat introduced us to Pride Masonry in the fall of 2021, as Pride had approached them about creating their website. However, Gruffy Goat realized they needed assistance with overall branding and strategy, so they sent them to us first.

When our team first met with Pride, we all clicked immediately. The Pride staff is friendly, creative, and casual, so we began the conversation as if we’d been friends for a while. Pride expressed to us that business was great, and they were well-known for their attention to quality and excellent work. So even though they didn’t necessarily need a new website to increase their business, they knew the importance of creating a new site in order to maintain their great reputation and have a digital presence that matched their expertise in the field.

As we discussed their needs, our Chief Creative Officer, Jessie Clark, asked the team about their branding. They looked at us sheepishly, saying that they didn’t really have a “real” logo, per se. “Okay,” said Jessie. “Let’s start there.”

In the next few months, we launched into Pride’s messaging and positioning, honing in on their value proposition and key highlights—one being that they’re a true thought leader in their space. This document then informed the writing for their website, as well as the thought process behind their visual brand.

After presenting them with a few options for their visual brand, we landed on a concept that alludes to their masonry skills, yet is modern, clean, and creative with the color palette, showing their ingenuity and thoughtfulness.

We then carried their messaging and positioning, as well as their visual brand, into the structure and design of their website, showing not only the breadth of their experience but also their creativity and skills in the masonry industry, as well as what they’re doing in areas outside of masonry.

"We’ve been extremely pleased with our experience with TealHaus. They came into our company eager to learn about our business, culture, and industry. Their team’s depth in experience and creativity shines through with each interaction we have had with them. I would highly recommend them to any company looking for assistance in marketing and branding."

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