COR3 Design

COR3 Design

When we first met COR3 Design, they mentioned to us that business was fine—even busy—but that they weren’t content settling. They wanted to continue to grow the company and diversify their portfolio. Traditionally, the company (a commercial architecture firm) designed mostly in the retail space, but COVID taught them that they needed to work in other spaces to ensure that business stayed consistent.

As with all clients, we began with messaging and positioning, focusing on the fact that COR3 Design is a highly experienced, multi-talented group of architects with experience in a wide range of industries. We then implemented this messaging throughout all marketing channels, from website to social media, as well as pitch decks for the team.

In addition, we devised an entire content strategy to support this messaging, writing blogs for SEO and sending newsletters with timely topics that resonate with their audience and also position them as a thought leader in their industry.

Two years into working with COR3 Design, the company has won multiple new clients, including some in the multifamily, high end retail, and car wash industries.

"The TealHaus team helped us to better position our values and experience across additional verticals—through our new website, celebrating a milestone anniversary, and creating a strategy for messaging that works. We are thankful for the continued partnership and expertise."

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