TealHaus Honored as 2023 Bronze Globee Winner for Startup Achievement in Business Products or Services

TealHaus, a trailblazing female-owned marketing agency, has been honored as one of only five global recipients of the Bronze Globee Winner for Startup Achievement in Business Products and Services at the 2023 Globee Awards.

This significant recognition not only underscores the company’s commitment to innovation but also places it in an elite group of global achievers. TealHaus is the sole recipient in the entire Southeast region, emphasizing their leadership and creativity in the industry.

“We were thrilled to be honored for our achievement as a startup company. These first few years have been filled with many challenges, but also growth and success. This award recognizes the amazing work of our team and our upward trajectory toward the future—and for that, we are so grateful,” remarked Lindsay Niedringhaus, CEO at TealHaus.

Since its inception in 2021, TealHaus has been a beacon for reimagining marketing solutions with a customer-centric approach. Their creative methodologies and strategies continue to influence the marketing landscape. This award reflects the agency’s success and its significant impact in a competitive market.

Gaining recognition from the Globee Awards, renowned for its meticulous evaluation and unbiased judging process, accentuates TealHaus’s’ position as a leader in the industry, especially in the sphere of women-led enterprises.

About the Globee Awards: The Globee Awards celebrate the world’s finest in organizational performance, products and services, innovations, and more. It serves as a platform for businesses of all sizes and industries to showcase their achievements and gain global recognition. For additional information, visit globeeawards.com.

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