A Party with Purpose

The Art of Meaningful Gatherings: A Dive into the World of Kristen McLean

In a time where our day-to-day interactions often revolve around screens, the power of a real-life event can’t be overstated. Who better to delve into this than Kristen McLean, the veteran event planner behind TealHaus’s most memorable gatherings?

From the Mundane to the Monumental: Why Events Matter in Marketing

“Events get us away from our computers and bring networking opportunities you don’t experience during a typical day at the office,” Kristen highlights. Indeed, they serve as platforms to cherish employee efforts, mark significant company moments, and solidify partnerships. “At TealHaus, it’s not just about networking – it’s also about giving back.”

Crafting Legacies, One Event at a Time

2023 was a banner year for Kristen. Her dedication shone through in the spectacular celebration of Fuller Group’s 25-year mark. This wasn’t just another corporate party; it was a testament to the bond shared by clients, partners, and the community.

TealHaus Haus Parties: Where Business Meets Pleasure

Beyond corporate milestones, Kristen spearheads the renowned TealHaus Haus Parties. These aren’t just mere meetups; they’re networking reimagined.

“Seeing people face-to-face is invigorating,” Kristen reveals. “Especially when there’s a dual purpose. Our events often support nonprofits, making attendance not just enjoyable but impactful.”

Behind the Scenes with Kristen

With over 100 events under her belt, from intimate soirées to grand gatherings, Kristen’s experience is vast. “The sheer diversity of events keeps me passionate. The ultimate win? Achieving our client’s vision and leaving guests with cherished memories.”

Ask her about the nitty-gritty of event management, and she’s candid. “Flexibility is non-negotiable. No matter how much you prepare, events always throw curveballs. Remembering that we’re not curing a global crisis, but enhancing relationships and brand image, keeps things in perspective.”

When quizzed about the anatomy of a stellar event, Kristen offers this advice: “Create a clear goal and a budget. Understand what you want to achieve, and ensure every cent spent propels you towards that vision.”

On the Horizon

2025 promises another landmark – the 50th anniversary of the Fine Arts Center in Greenville. “It’s not just an event; it’s a celebration of five decades of artistry and creativity,” Kristen anticipates.

Staying Rooted

Supporting the community runs deep in Kristen’s approach. “I prioritize using local vendors whenever possible to plan and coordinate events including caterers, musicians, florists, photographers, local print shops, beverage suppliers, and rental companies,” Kristen explained. “Our city is full of talented people who are a joy to work alongside and support. I have yet to experience a situation where I could not find a local vendor.”

Final Insights From an Expert Event Planner

For Kristen, event planning isn’t just a job; it’s a calling. “I love helping clients with all the details and watching them come together. We love throwing a party with a purpose at TealHaus, especially when it lends to an opportunity to give back to our community!”

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