TealHaus Celebrates Triple Win at Graphic Design USA Awards

TealHaus, the innovative female-owned marketing agency, has been recognized for its creative excellence and strategic design prowess at the Graphic Design USA Awards, bringing home three prestigious awards. The accolades were given for the design work on the Marchant Real Estate Listing Guide, the TealHaus Capabilities Deck, and the EHM Automation Marketing Brochure.

Marchant Real Estate Listing Guide

These awards are a testament to the firm’s ability to merge aesthetic design with effective communication, creating materials that not only look outstanding but also provide substantial value to their clients’ marketing efforts.

“Our team is delighted to receive such esteemed industry recognition from Graphic Design USA. These awards reflect our holistic approach to marketing–where design meets strategy and creativity aligns with client objectives,” said Lindsay Niedringhaus, CEO of TealHaus. “We’re proud of our collaborative process and our dedication to not just meeting, but exceeding, client expectations.”

The Marchant Real Estate Listing Guide was recognized for its clear, engaging design which simplifies the property selection process for potential buyers. The TealHaus Capabilities Deck effectively showcases the agency’s services and strengths, utilizing a blend of compelling visuals and articulate content. Lastly, the EHM Automation Marketing Brochure was commended for its ability to communicate complex automation services in an accessible and visually appealing format.

EHM Automation Marketing Brochure

About the Graphic Design USA Awards: The Graphic Design USA Awards have been a beacon of excellence for over 50 years, spotlighting areas of growth and opportunity for creative designers. TealHaus’ success in three distinct categories underscores the versatility and breadth of their design and marketing expertise.

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TealHaus Celebrates Triple Win at Graphic Design USA Awards

TealHaus, an acclaimed female-owned marketing agency, triumphs at the Graphic Design USA Awards, showcasing their expertise in merging captivating design with impactful communication across the Marchant Real Estate Listing Guide, TealHaus Capabilities Deck, and EHM Automation Marketing Brochure. Their innovative approach crafts materials that not only captivate but also significantly elevate client marketing endeavors.

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