Parker Group

Annie Parker of Parker Group sold Lindsay her first home here in Greenville. So when she ran into Drew Parker (Annie’s husband) 13 years later and he said, “Hey, we may need some marketing help,” it felt almost serendipitous.

The Parker Group’s existing branding was purple and grey, yet Chief Creative Officer, Jessie Clark, quickly picked up on the fact that the color purple varied on all of their materials. Her Type A tendency decided it was time to create some brand standards, so our first order of business was cleaning up their logo and providing them with a guide for all of their colors, fonts, and logos. In addition, she provided secondary branding for each division to allow for quick identification.

Next, Parker Group explained to us that they wished to expand upon their residential sales division, and they needed a toolkit of materials in order to assist the agents. Therefore, we wrote and designed a “Just Sold” postcard, a listing book, and a brag book for the agents to share about their company.

“Working with TealHaus has been a pleasure. Not only have their insights helped every division of The Parker Group, but they are also just amazing people. They have been masters at pivoting based on all of the projects we have given them and had a smile on their faces the whole time. Working with knowledge professionals is great, working with kind people is better—and with TealHaus you get both!”

Stephanie Rose, Chief of Staff

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