An Explanation of the TealHaus Tagline

Is my brand really important? Should I always be thinking about my brand? I only sell a product and don’t have a brand. My brand has not really been established. What is a rebrand? 

This is a small sampling of questions we hear from our clients regarding their brands. Whether you produce tangible goods, provide intangible services, or do a combination of both, these represent the products you are putting in front of your audience that ultimately represent your company, your brand, and your story. We strive to communicate this emphatically to our clients:

Regardless of what you sell or produce, you should always be thinking about your brand— always! 

At TealHaus, we emphasize the importance of brands to our clients from the beginning. We usually start with educational material and explain what a brand really is and is not. A brand is a feeling, an experience, a personal way to connect with your audience, and ultimately an ongoing story that encompasses everything we think about when we think of a particular good or service. 

My Ford Expedition is more than a car. To me, it represents safe and reliable transportation, accessible and prompt service, independence, American-made manufacturing, unforgettable family moments, and spectacular road trips. These are a few ideas I think about when I think about my car. These short stories start to overlap and create meaningful experiences for me as the driver. 

So, how do we get to this moment of loyalty and attachment with our clients–and their clients, for that matter? 

We do this through extensive conversations with every client regarding their business. We ask them to take us on a journey from the point of conception to where they are now. We take their ideas, their descriptions, their lightbulb moments (and not-so-great moments), and their language to craft a story that resonates with their audience. We take this story and create a strategy over several months where we use a variety of channels, platforms, and metrics to reach the audience. 

This is Where Story Meets Strategy. And it happens to be our new tagline we recently unveiled as part of our own rebranding effort. 

A product is necessary to satisfy a need or solve a problem, but a brand is necessary to create personal customer experiences that are long-lasting and will keep them coming back time and time again. 

Without a product, you will not have a business, but without a brand, you will not be able to create customer experiences. So, how can your brand tell a story that resonates with your audience and keeps them coming back? 

This is our specialty at TealHaus—crafting stories that resonate with an audience and telling these stories strategically.

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