Lindsay Niedringhaus


A colleague once told me, “You’re nothing if not thorough.” Another said, “You’re too much.” Yet another: “You really don’t stop.” They were all correct. I care—so much so, that I won’t stop until the job is done and it’s done well. As an Enneagram 2 (wing 3), a perfectionist, but also a lover of adventures, I’m always up for trying anything (as long as it doesn’t involve snakes), and I’ll dig deep and work hard until I’ve most likely mastered it.

I have a passion for art and creative expression paired with knack for organization and left-brained analyzation. That has led to careers that used both sides of my personality: an editorial position at a home and lifestyle publication; the director of marketing at a leading liberal arts university; the head of marketing at a cycling apparel company; and the chief strategist at a branding firm—all the while freelance writing, painting and writing poetry.

In January of 2021, I left my job at the branding firm to start my own marketing company. After years on both sides of the industry (as the client and as the agency), I realized I had a well-rounded point-of-view that could be advantageous for all small businesses: I knew what worked, what didn’t, and how to make the best of limited resources.

Should you need marketing assistance or just want a sounding board, I’m always happy to talk. I also accept payment via Haribo Gummy Bears or dark chocolate.