Mollie Withers


I grew up in a family of entrepreneurs and small business owners. My dad was the co-owner of a small nursery and greenhouse operation in Eastern NC. Problem-solving and understanding how a business runs has always intrigued me. At a young age, I understood the concept of revenue and profits, and that making customers happy impacted every aspect of my dad’s business. 

In college, I studied international business with a passion to pursue international trade and logistics in Asia. However, I graduated during a major economic recession, and finding a job became much more difficult than I ever imagined. My husband and I started our own small business and worked in multiple industries including hospitality, sales, and the public sector.

During that season, I continued my education and ultimately found myself on the other side of the desk as an instructor of business and marketing at a local university. I enjoy working with students and watching the journey unfold of discovering their passions. Similarly, I love watching a good marketing strategy transform a business.

My experience includes eight years in higher education teaching business and marketing classes, nonprofit marketing, event marketing, and content creation as a freelance writer. 

In my role as a Content Creator at TealHaus, I am happy to be in a position where I can both teach and practice. And ultimately, my childhood dream of making customers happy still holds true–for our clients at Tealhaus and for my students.