TealHaus Raises Funds for Meals on Wheels

Local storytelling agency TealHaus recently held its quarterly “Haus Party” at Double Stamp Brewery benefiting Greenville’s chapter of Meals on Wheels. In attendance were over 50 former and current clients, family, and friends all gathered to celebrate Meals on Wheels and the impact they have on the community.

A women-owned, independent marketing firm founded on the principles of communication, understanding, and service, TealHaus is no stranger to lending a hand to those in need within our Upstate community. TealHaus’ team repositions businesses and organizations through storytelling and strategy, helping them grow their brands and reach their audiences like never before. Similarly, when supporting nonprofits organizations such as Meals on Wheels, TealHaus helps tell the stories of thousands of individuals in need across the Upstate.

Through funds raised during last week’s Haus Party, TealHaus is donating $1,500 to Meals on Wheels Greenville County. This amount is enough to feed one homebound person in need in our community for an entire year.

TealHaus is no stranger to philanthropy, as each quarter they sponsor a different nonprofit in the Upstate and regularly take on pro bono projects. In April, TealHaus’ raised over $2,000 for the Greenville Humane Society, with the event ultimately leading to one of the dogs present getting adopted.

“It is always an honor and privilege to give back to our community that honestly helped us get our start nearly three years ago,” says founder Lindsay Niedringhaus. “Hearing the many ways Meals on Wheels Greenville County cares for and supports our homebound neighbors made partnering with them an obvious choice. We look forward to continuing our tradition of raising funds for local nonprofits at the next quarterly Haus Party.”

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